a definition.

the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.



the point in time or space at which something has its origin; the beginning of something.


In baseball, a quality start is a statistic for a starting pitcher defined as a game in which the pitcher completes at least six innings and permits no more than three earned runs.


Throughout my life, I’ve had many chances to ‘start’ over – from moving between Maryland, to Pennsylvania, to Maryland again. The new school year. The aftermath of a terrible breakup. Dying my hair. Most of these were voluntary choices, and though some seemed terrible at the time, they offered me a fresh perspective, and a new grasp on life.

This summer, I had to ‘start’ over yet again, after my mother passed away due to complications from cancer. I am nearly twenty one, and I am now going through life without my mom by my side. Some days are harder then others.

My father and I spend many nights watching baseball together. Often, we gripe and moan about starting pitchers – how ineffective they are at retiring the side, how they feel the need to allow batters a full count before striking them out. But what we tend to forget is that, more times than not, our pitchers are making quality starts. Sometimes seen as a meaningless statistic, and easily ignored by the rabid fanbase that a sports team creates, I find it hard to fault a pitcher after learning that they quietly lasted through six innings, and didn’t give up enough runs as to take their team out of the game.

I’ve become fascinated with the term – a ‘quality start’. I’m in the time of my life where I should be confident and sure of what career path I want to embark on. The same people I graduated High School with are now college seniors. Life is moving faster and faster each moment. I need to throw strikes.

I’m still in the in-between, but I hope that through this blog, I can figure it out. Not every post will be this serious, sappy, or sentimental. At heart, I’m really just a girl who likes celebrity gossip, makeup, and being incredibly superstitious over baseball. I like to watch foreign films and stay up way later then I should.

This is my journey towards a quality start in my own life. Stay tuned.


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